Lakeside Renovation


The original one story cabin was showing substantial structural issues with the foundation and roof after 40 years of use.  The client asked us to design a two storey chalet keeping within the original building footprint.   We levelled and reinforced the foundation to take the extra weight of the new structure.  Two lakeside decks were built to take advantage of the view.   Larger energy efficient windows with insect screens replaced the original single pane ones,  all walls were insulated to R20 and the vaulted ceiling to R40, a steeper roof slope of 6in12 replaced the 4in12 pitch and a maintenance free steel roof was installed.   A 1Kw (1000 watt)  solar power system was added that runs LED lights on dimmers in additional to a full size Energy star fridge.  Woodstoves on both floors ensure a comfortable temperature even in the coldest weather

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Last update:February, 2021