Enjoy the view and relax outdoors in a wood fired hot tub.

We design, fabricate and install wood fired thermosyphen  hot tubs.  These hot tubs require no electricity to operate  as they run on the thermosyphen   principle, ie: hot water rises. 

 The boiler for this system is located  directly below the tub in the basement and gives off free heat which warms the main floor in the winter and vents outside in warmer weather.  The boiler is made of stainless steel for lifetime use without discoloration of water.  If you have solar  power we can add a small pump and plumb for jets. 



The one seen in these photos is a 1000 liter, four person size and will heat water up to 104 degrees in approximately 4-5 hours (even in the coldest days of winter). 

Last update: February, 2021